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Professione Aste Group


e are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals who since 2009 believe that the real estate auction market is a valid, concrete and affordable alternative to buying on the free market.

We are born with the intention of promoting this particular type of purchase, debunking ideas and preconceptions that have often accompanied real estate sales at auction.

Our aim is to promote this market by making known its great potential. For us real estate auctions are a real opportunity for everyone, so our advice aims to simplify all operational and bureaucratic procedures to the maximum, ensuring transparency and certainty about what you buy, thanks to technical advice, of our experts.

The purchase of an house at auction is advantageous for anyone, from the professional investor to the young couple looking for their nest. Seriousness, professionalism, and attention to the customer distinguish us for years, making us a point of reference in the field of advice for buying real estate auctions.

The world of judicial auctions is wide and varied and there are many variables to consider; our task is to guide our customers along the path that has as its goal the maximization of price-quality ratio in the purchase of a property, in accordance with the law and to the greatest possible satisfaction for all the actors involved.

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