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New professionals for a growing market

The housing market is constantly changing, more than ever in recent years, characterized by socio-political events and technological advances really important. As always happens in these situations, new opportunities and new markets have been created, such as the purchase at judicial auction, the sale and withdrawal and the so-called non-performing loans. New market niches have always attracted new more or less qualified operators, who seek to develop their business idea with more or less solid and effective formulas.

Professione Aste® bases its proposal on the assumption that only from the direct experience associated with continuing education comes true professionalism and that only true professionalism is the tool to transmit to others the skills necessary to have the key successful.

Professione Aste® has decades of experience in advising thousands of customers, with the sole aim of maximizing the value for money in buying a property. Thanks to the development of operational and management methods now consolidated, we are therefore able to transmit to our affiliates throughout the national territory the training and assistance needed to ensure the economic results consistent with their expectations.


Who we’re looking for

We are looking for "professional entrepreneurs", who can combine an adequate ability to develop their skills with the innate characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit, such as resourcefulness, tenacity and empathy in creating a team.

The selection of candidates will be carried out by verifying the personal characteristics in order to ensure the same standard in all the locations of the network.

The requirements that Professione Aste® research are:

  •    an age of the associate consistent with the type of professional service that is offered, therefore not less than 25 years. Exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis;

  •    it is preferable to have training or experience in areas consistent with the subject matter dealt with, such as technical legal, commercial and real estate, with the availability of a physical seat;

  •    the opening of a VAT number, or the use of a company compatible with the activity carried.



How the affiliate path works

The affiliation path is developed in three independent phases, without any obligation to join the next phase and precisely:

a) Training course for advisors at judicial auctions: it is a course addressed to operators in the sector, aimed at providing the skills to manage the customer who wishes to buy at auction, from the reporting of the property to the delivery of the keys. The approach is extremely pragmatic, in fact we are the only company really operating in this niche market, which offers a course of this kind to industry operators, with the following program:

Introduction to counselling

- General information on the judicial market

- Brief notes on auctions from enforcement procedures

- Subjects of enforcement, bankruptcy and arrangement

- The order of release

- The transfer order

Consultation steps and operational procedures

- Management of e-mails received by the customer

- Telephone call to customer

- Appointment at our head office

- Possible assistance with the loan

- Internal visit to the client’s real estate

- Feasibility study

- Financial statements

- Market assessment

- Preparation of the tender application and mandate

- Electronic auction

- Assistance at auction

- Compensation and full post-auction management

- Order for transfer

- Freeing of the building

- Delivery of the property

- Possible search for a new building

- What not to do with the customer

- Practical advice on short-term auctions

- Advance purchase on balance and excerpt

At the end of the course, the participant can decide whether to continue in the affiliation process, or whether to manage his own business as an independent consultant, still being able to have the Operating Manual used by all consultants of Professione Aste®. The cost has a duration of two days and a cost of € 1,000.00 + VAT.

b) Area consultant: he is the person who follows the clients reported by Profession Auctions on their territory and his task is to manage the customer from the visit to the property to the delivery of the keys, without incurring any management costs. The area consultant receives from 20 to 50% of the compensation received by Professione Aste®, depending on the service offered to the customer.

c) Affiliate: is an independent entrepreneurial figure, which opens a new branch of Professione Aste® with the formula of franchise affiliation, bearing the related management costs. The entrance fee is € 5,000.00 + VAT, while the royalty required is € 500.00 + monthly VAT from the 4th month of activity


Our target

In the development of affiliation, we are especially targeting the following people:

  • real estate agencies already up and running, in which they can open a corner of Professione Aste®, due to the many synergies existing between the two activities;
  • lawyers, architects, surveyors and all professionals in the technical-legal field;
  • court sales delegates.

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